Sunday, January 9, 2011

400 Mile Fitness Challenge Week #1

I feel like I'm cheating at this challenge....While I'm at work I'm on my feet walking around for 9 hours 4 days a a 4 day span I walk close to 80 miles while I'm on the clock.  Out side of work I've been able to take my dogs for a walk 3 days this week...It's been really frickin' cold here in WI!....3 15 minute walks = 3 miles.

So if we count the miles I walk at work and the miles I from walking my dogs I'm at 83 miles...but if my work miles don't count I'm perfectly happy with my 3 miles. It's a good start for someone as out of shape as I am.


Ellie said...

I guess it's ultimately up to you whether you add your work miles or not. But, for clarification, walking is added by the mile, not the minute.

What counts mile for mile-
recumbent, spin or stationary bike
WATP Mile DVD's: 1mile walk, 2 mile walk etc.

15 min. equals 1 mile-
step aerobics
weight lifting
workout videos
exercise classes

The best way to determine your miles through walking is to use a pedometer.

Either way, you're off to a good start!

LynnMarie said...

Well you sure did beat me this week! I'm glad you get to walk so much at work. I sit at a computer mostly :( Any way, you go girl!!!

Diana said...

it's a good start anyway you look at it. I'm glad you joined in the challenge.