Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Pointed Knitting!

Yesterday my friend/co-worker Michelle, my sister-in-law Jeanie and myself went up to our local yarn shop because we're knitters and crocheters.  And I gave Michelle a gift certificate to the store for Christmas and she wanted to use it.  While there we all spent a small fortune on yarn, kitting needles and patterns.

While in the store one of the owners was talking to me about how knitting on Double Pointed Needles just looked intimidating and how easy it was to learn.  So there I was talked into learning Double Points and now I'm in the process of knitting mittens out of Three Irish Girls Irish Sea yarn.

That's the stuff right there...I'm really excited that I learned all these new skills yesterday.  I can hardly wait to show y'all the pictures of my mittens!


KnitNana said...

If you know how to use double points to knit mittens - you can knit a hat for Warm Hats for Hot Heads!
(and for that matter, you can knit socks, too, now!!!)

You go, girl!
Thank you for stopping by my blog...

Dancing Knitter said...

Good luck with the dpns! They truly do look scarier than they really are. Can't wait to see the mittens .

Renee Anne said...

DPNs aren't that horrible...if you have the right kind. I snap through bamboo needles like no one's business (well, if they're #4 or smaller) and I bend steel ones (again, #4 or smaller...though I do warp some of the larger ones, too). I found some at Sheep & Wool Festival that are made of a carbonite fiber that don't bend or snap. Love those...but they only go up to #4 (which is fine for me).

And they're not scary.