Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is declared a NO SPEND MONTH!

I've recently posted about how I am up to my eyeballs in debt and how improving my knitting skills has caused me to blow my budget.  So I have decided to declare February (with 1 exception day) a No Spend Month.  I found this post which lead me to find this blog, which is also having a No Spend Month this month, who linked to this blog post, which had me coming up with my own No Spend Month.

Now we're 2 days into February already and I know I need to be extremely frugal with this paycheck that's coming in on Friday. Because of the blizzard we are currently having (which has resulted in me NOT going to work) and being in a slow time at work where we are getting our hours cut I will be short 2 days on my next paycheck and I still have bills to pay.

Here is how my No Spend Month is going to break down....

1 exception day...February 21st....My 27th birthday

My Goal:  To put an additional $100 into my savings account by the end of the month.  NOTE:  I have $100 taken out of each paycheck and directly deposited into my savings account.

The Details:  I am allowing myself $200 for the month of February to spend on anything I want.

What's included in my challenge:

~ Food
~ Gas
~ Clothing
~ Household items...which includes dog food
~ Entertainment
~ Valentine's Day

What's NOT included in my challenge:

~ Fixed bills (car insurance, credit card bills, cell phone)
~ Tithe
~ Medical Expenses
~ Car expenses (oil change)

Here is what I'm starting with....

~ A full tank of gas (it has a trip to and from work on it)
~ $17 cash
~ At least 2 weeks worth of soda
~ A library card
~ A full pantry...just have to clean it out and organize it figure out what kind food we have in there.
~  I'm hoping for a boat load of support from my bloggy pals.


Hott Books - Gina said...

Good luck, dear!
We've started a budget, as well. It's just not the easiest thing...

Maureen said...

You are absolutely going to get a boatload of support.

I had a little giggle when I noticed that you had 2 weeks worth of soda,a girl has to get her priorities right has,nt she !!!

Tomorrow is payday for me, bills have to be paid and they are already saved and budgeted for, it,s the extra little bits and pieces I,m cutting back on. Good luck for your payday.

Sharon said...

You've got my support! I've corrected your link on my blog, so hopefully you will be getting loads of support! :)!

Aubrey Rose said...

!!! Thats my birthday too :]
It will be difficult not to blow to much money on my party.
I usually do something huge.
Good Luck!

Jamie said...

@Hott Books - Gina

If you can get your hands on a copy of Quicken Starter Edition that's really helped me get a better understanding of where my money has been going....It breaks it down for you. I agree creating a budget is NOT the easiest thing! :)


I love it when I have my priorities in line...Especially my soda habit. :)


Thanks for fixing the link! :)

@Aubrey Rose

Happy Birthday a little early!