Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quite Frankly My Dear.....Review ~ Gone With The Wind part 1

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NOTE: This will be a multi-part review due to the length of the book.

So I recently started reading Gone With The Wind, a VERY American classic. I read this quite a few years ago.....while I was still in High School and really liked it. Now I have my own personal copy of ALL 63 chapters of Scarlett and Rhett's story all to myself. I did learn something while I was reading the preface of this book...That there are 2 authorized sequels to Gone With The Wind. See you learn something new everyday!

Alright, so I'm about 126 pages into the book and the only real "complaint" that I have is that I'm not particularly thrilled with the way that the "slaves" dialogue is written. It's a little bit too difficult for my ADD brain to follow/translate sometimes. Scarlett is being...well...Scarlett. So far, she's played one Tarleton twin against the other (one of which she stole from Ashley Wilkes' sister India), learned of Ashley's engagement to Miss Melanie and has been in trouble with Mammy already. The men (especially Scarlett's father Gerald) are talking war....Fort Sumter has been fired on....and Miss Scarlett is none to happy with all this war/secession talk because it isn't her favorite subject, which is....Herself.

Scarlett's mother Ellen is considerably younger (she's 32 and he's 60) than her husband. I also learned while reading, all about how Gerald O'Hara and Ellen met and a little bit about their lives before they became a couple. Scarlett is entirely way toooo much like her father. Scarlett has two younger sisters (Carreen and Suellen) as well as three little brothers who are buried in the family plot. Scarlett is still convinced that Ashley is going to marry her instead of Melanie. She even devises a plan to let him know that she loves while she's at the BBQ/Ball that the Wilkes' family is holding.

We've met Rhett Butler at the Wilkes' BBQ. Apparently, he's got a not so good history and is NOT a man "recieved." Something about a girl, a wrecked carriage and the horse running away....To top it off he refused to marry the girl! He almost started a fight at the Wilkes' BBQ also while trying to convince the rest of the men at the party to not underestimate the Yankee's! Scarlett is the "Belle of the ball" and has pretty much all of the young men veying for her attention.

My Thoughts: Like I said in the beginning not really happy with the "slaves" dialogue...tad difficult to translate/understand in my brain. I'm really happy with the follow of the book...It reads real easy like. You feel like you are there at the Wilkes' BBQ, etc. So far I'm really happy with the book.


Stephanie Faris said...

I read it long ago, although that picture on the cover bugs me. Everyone has seen the movie. We all associate the actors with the characters when we're reading it now!

Just Hurry Up and Wait said...

Hi just found you through SITS and am now a follower!!

I have read Gone with the WInd, and the first sequel, Scarlett!!!

I love it when people read books that I love!

anyway, nice meeting you!!

Grand Pooba said...

So have you seen the movie? If so, which is better?

Lisa Anne said...

I've never read that book. I think I would get to bored. I don't know I like more modern books. I'm a visual person and I can't visualize the past. I'm lame like that.

Lisa Anne said...

I've never read that book. I think I would get to bored. I don't know I like more modern books. I'm a visual person and I can't visualize the past. I'm lame like that.