Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Blog World!

Welcome to my brand spanking new knitting/personal/getting out of debt/sewing/what-ever-else-happens-to- tickle-my-fancy blog, Sheepless In The City.  Why Sheepless In The City?  Well, I've recently found that in our town we have a really nice yarn shop called The Cat and The Crow that is just chuck full of wonderful bits of fiber that at some point I want to learn how to spin into yarn.  Plus, I can't have livestock in town.  Apparently, the neighbors frown upon that.

I am owned by my 2 dogs Laci and Augusta ("Gus") who LOVE it when I am sitting down or laying down to read or knit.  That way they can curl up next to me or sit in my lap and "help" me.  They actually are pretty decent helpers...if you consider snoring loudly helpful.

Speaking of reading...I have 3 different book blogs where you can read reviews of what I've been reading lately. For YA/MG reviews you should head towards For The Love of YA, for romance/erotica you should head towards Nitty Gritty Romance and Erotica Reviews, for everything else please visit The Book Junkie's Bookshelf.

So for now I'm going to leave I can go out and visit all the nifty blogs that I've found recently.  Because if I told you everything I know right now....what am I going to blog about later?!



KnitNana said...

Welcome to blog-dom!!! You'll have a blast in the knitterly world...

Jamie said...

@KnitNana Thanks for stopping by! So far I'm having a lot of fun in the knitterly world.